Saturday, November 26, 2011


We brought home this enormous group of departing missionaries to stay at the mission home tonight. We had a wonderful dinner with 42 people. This included the missionaries, the families of 4 of them, the office elders, Assistants, Office couple, Pres and Sis Erickson, and Pres Albright and I.
After dinner we visit and then wished everyone farewell except for the missionaries who stay with just the Assistants and Pres and I and we have a very special meeting. We have a final farewell and testimony meeting. I love this meeting and it's incredible spirit. To hear these final testimonies is a true highlight of this work. After 18-24 months these missionaries have become true disciples of Christ and are filled with a profound and deep love for both the gospel and for the Savior. To hear them share their thoughts about their missions is something I will always treasure. They have grown from boys and young woman to men and woman. We love every single one of them.
Dinner table #1: Elders Hougaard, Stuart, Butcher, Markestein, Bro and Sis Markestein, Sister and Bro Doman, Analise and Elder Doman, Sister Garbrick, Elder Tamir
Table # 2: Elders Davie, Brazzel, Ayala, Peterson, Shupe, Allen, Stewart, Reeves, Pomeroy, Pres, and LaRochelle
Table #3:Elders Kotyk, Lawson, Bluemel, Hadfield, Jacobson, Hanson, and Crockett (new office elder)

Lined up for dinner:Elders Peterson, Stuart, Doman, Reeves, Davie,Hougaard, LaRochelle,
Fresh fruit, Salad, Corn, Ribs, rolls, Potatoes, and dessert. Yummy

Elder Ayala came this evening because he is going home for some surgery on his knee. We expect him back in a month or so. Good luck Elder.
Visiting and getting ready for our meeting. Elders Doman, Shupe, Butcher, Markestein, Pomeroy, Tamir
Sister Garbrick(our only sister departing), Elders Bluemel, Allen, Stewart, Hadfield, Tamir, and Markestein.
Elders LaRochelle, Peterson, Hougaard, Stuart and Davie
Elders Davie and Doman

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