Saturday, November 26, 2011


After departing dinner and a wonderful testimony meeting, we had a group of anxious, excited missionaries. Not able to sleep--so it's off for late night bowling. Had a great time watching this group. They are so fun. Especially watching Elders Davie and Doman compete.
Elders Lawson, Reeves, Jacobson
Elders Shupe, Butcher and Hadfield
Elders Lawson, Sis Garbrick, Elders Bluemel, Reeves, Brazzel and Jacobson.
Elder Allen

Elder Butcher
Elder Shupe
Elders Markestein and Tamir
Elders Peterson and LaRochelle
Elders Stewart, Allen, Peterson, LaRochelle
Pres, and Elders Davie, Stuart and Doman

Elder Lawson
E. Doman

E Tamir
E. Peterson

President takes a stance
E. Markestein
E LaRochelle
E Bluemel

E. Davie
Elders Stewart and Brazzel
Pres , Elders Davie and Kotyk
E Doman
E Kotyk

E Reeves
E Jacobson
Elder Hadfield

Elders Jacobson, Brazzel, Hougaard, Sister Garbrick, ElderBluemel, Hadfield, Lawson, Pomeroy, Stewart, Markestein, Allen, Stuart, Reeves, Shupe, Davie, Doman, Kotyk, Peterson, LaRochelle, and Butcher.

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