Wednesday, November 16, 2011


We had a wonderful departing fireside with our missionaries. Their are 21 missionaries leaving and they are all loved by so many. We had about 600 attend. The investigators, converts and members who love these young missionaries all come out to hear them share their testimonies and say farewell. It is a really special meeting. During the closing song, "God Be With You" the missionaries leave the stand and walk to the back of the room. It is very moving and always make my cry. The testimonies were very powerful and the spirit was tangible.

Elders Hansen, Brazzel, Lawson, Bluemel, Pomeroy, Sister Garbrick, and Elder Stewart and Peterson.
At the piano is Elder Liew. Seated behind are Elders Stewart, Peterson, Butcher and Allen
Elders Doman, Davie, Tamir Stuart, Reeves, LaRochelle, Markestein, Tilleman, Hadfield and Sister Garbrick. At the front: Pres and Sister Burton and Pres Erickson
Leaving the stand during the closing song

Lots of visiting going on after the fireside!!
Elders Sherwani, Hadfield, Ness, and Ochoa
Elders Mann, Hougaard, and Ford
Elder Shupe
Elder Tamir
Elder Doman with the Cumberlands.
Elder Stuart

Sisters Ward and Holt
Elders Fitzpatrick, Davis, Tilleman, Sherwani
Elder Doman with the Mullin Family
Elder Reeves

Elder Peihopa and Brazzel
Elder Hansen and Greer
Elder Allen
Elder Peterson
Elder Pomeroy
Elder Tamir and Choi
Elders Sherwani and Davie
Sister Garbrick with the Gretz family
Elder LaRochelle
Elders Davis, Cook, Butcher and Bowers
Elders Ravia and Markestein
Elders Liew, Rothman, Dickson, and Zapata with Sis Nancy Craun
Elder Doman and Reeves
Elder Bluemel and Shupe
Elder Stewart and Peterson
Elder Parker and Lawson
Elders Brazzel, Davie and Johnson (Chance)
Elders Church, Slade, Edgington, and Choi
Elders Hadfield, Ursenbach, Young, Greer, Hancock, Bazzle, and Bezzant

Elders Nelson, West, Hill, Carter, and Naylor
Elders Yazzie, Ravia, Sister Rozsa, Elders Ochoa and Karren
Elder Lawson with a friend from high school.

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