Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This was our last day of inspections. There are 4 zones. We visited 4 of them and Elder and Sister Heller visited the other 4 zones. So I only have pictures of 4. sorry1st Stop: Sisters Kohler and Kelley with President
And with Sister Albright
Sisters Kohler and Kelley on their front steps
2nd stop: A great apartment kite decoration: a BAPTISM KITE.
Elder Carnline and Franzwa- with their bikes
Pretty nice kitchen.
Edgemoor Apartments: Nice Entry
Elder Stuart at his desk
Hard at their studies- Elder Gates and Doman
Elders Yazzie, Stuart, Doman, Gates and President in the Fort Belvore Ward
Elders Kotyk and Slade. These 2 know how to clean.
This is to remind them of their baptism goals. Great visual
Elders Slade and Kotyk with Pres.
The apartment on a rainy day

3 in 1 room, but it looks pretty darn good.
Elders Karren, Williams, and Naylor (just returned from shoulder surgery)
I took pictures in the Mt Vernon area so you can see the landmarks in the area where these missionaries serve. This is the Masonic Temple.
These are some of the beautiful old homes in the area.

Historic sites everywhere.

The streets are very pretty and lined with great homes in great neighborhoods.
This is one of only 2 highrises where we have missionaries.
President walking up to the apartment
Looks pretty fancy. Carport and everything

These elders have a pretty nice place. Just teasing. This is the entry on the ground floor. It is really beautiful. So you expect the apartment to look the same... well...

Wall hanging
Elders Johnson and Bigler. We gave them a Celestial certificate for working hard to clean the place. But it is REALLY BAD and the CARPET is like 12 yrs old and the paint is Worn off and no matter how hard you try to clean it, it is just discouraging. And so--we contacted the office
told them it was time for new carpet and paint or better yet a new apartment. So they are moving into a 1 bedroom in the same building in January. HOORAY!

The long hallway to the apartment
Next Stop has two kinds of buildings- both red brick and yellow.

Sisters Kirakosyan and Garbrick at their front door.

Sisters Kirakosyan and Garbrick with Sister Albright

Elders Keeffer and Ayala with President Albright
Another long hallway
Another nice entry.
The outside entry to the Infinity.

This is one of the areas with a lot of high rises.
Wall decor.
This next complex has 4 sets of missionaries. 4 sisters and 4 elders.
Elder White
Elder McKwenkwe
With President Albright
The entry to one of the buildings
Elders Jensen and Garcia
With President
Sisters Ahokava and Dana
Sisters Trepanier and Thompson
Last visit. This apartment complex is just beautiful. New and Classy.
The landing with Pres Albright
Elders Wright and Staples

This is the entrance to the National Harbor. We took a little detour on our way home.

We stopped for a snack and found this incredible old restaurtant. Wow, only in Virginia. 1765.

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