Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Susquehanna River=Restoration of the Priesthood

After the last day of the Seminar we drove from Palmyra to Harmony, Pennsylvania and the Susquehanna River to see the site of the restoration of the Priesthood. The Matsumori's from DC North were also there and we went down to the river together. The river was large and peaceful. You could see places where the water was still and you could picture a baptism taking place there. It was a beautiful setting and very exciting to feel the spirit of this place.
The rivers edge behind the homesite of Joseph and Emma.

Although there is no home on the land now, the church is in the planning stages to rebuild and restore it to look like it did.

A monument to the Priesthood Restoration

D&C 4 was revealed here.

President and Sister Matsumori

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