Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Oct. 11, 2011 Tuesday, 2nd day of inspections. We visited the McLean Zone this day. It was delightful. It is really so much fun to go to the missionary residences and feel their spirit and see how much effort "the majority" of them put into this event.

1st stop today was with a foursome of Elders. Elders Stoker, Campbell, Coleman, Hanna and President on the sectional couch. Pretty nice place.
These are lucky bike elders. They get to stay in shape. We have these "bike mats" to keep the carpets clean. Good job- these elders have them where they belong.
2nd Stop- An apartment with 4 elders again. Elders Ness, Rios, Cheung, and Hansen with Pres Albright
The outside of the elders apartment. Very nice complex. All our places are nice.

Elders Hansen and Ness at their entrance.
This is one of the buildings that I love. It reminds me of a place in Switzerland. It's a business building in the area.

The 3rd area was in a beautiful neighborhood. I took pictures of some of the homes to show what lovely places are around their apartments.

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