Monday, August 22, 2011


Tuesday, August 16, 2011 1st day of Zone Conferences for the Ashburn and Centreville Zones.ASHBURN ZONE: Pres and Sis Albright, Elders Cejedo, Ford, Bluemel, Pomeroy, Lafeen and Sisters Murray and Patten. Back Row: Elders Forrest, Hadfield, Freeman, Mann, Perry, Butcher, Bolos, Church and Norris
CENTERVILLE ZONE; Pres and Sister Albright, Elders Skousen, Smallcomb, Juengling, Hinze, Sis. & Elder Maldonado, Middle Row: Elders Schwendiman, Taylor, Bothwell, Tamir, Peterson, BackRow: Elders Naylor, Choi, and Chance Johnson
Elders Schwendiman, Taylor, and Pomeroy
Lunch sisters. Each of them had wonderful stories about their connection to missionaries. That is why we have such great ladies come out to fix us meals. They all love missionaries.

Elders Butcher, Freeman, Doman, Pres, Norris, and Lafeen
Elders Chance Johnson, Jacobson, Hadfield, Forrest, Pomeroy, Skousen, Sis Patten and Murray
Elders Harb, Donaldson, Church, Bluemel, Tamir, Choi, and Perry

Elder and Sis Maldonado, Elders Doyle, Peterson, Davie and Bolos
Elders Bothwell, Schwendiman, Church, Naylor, Taylor, and Juengling
Elders Bryson, Cejedo, Mann, Ford, and Smallcomb
Elders Norris and Lafeen

Elders Doyle and Tamir (Iron man award - Bike rider Award)

Car Award- Elders Mann and Ford
Elders Bothwell and Hinze - Car Award
Sisters Patten and Murray- Car Award
Elders Choi and Naylor
Elders Doyles spread for awards.

Skills practice

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