Tuesday, August 2, 2011


We had another wonderful Mission Home Fireside. We invited 4 new converts to participate on the program. First John who was born in Sierra Leone and grew up in Ghana shared his testimony. Then Lisa Johnson sang "How Firm a Foundation" She has a lovely voice. She was baptized in February. Next Anita Gill who is from Pakistan shared her story. And then John and Mary Bonar who are both in the military shared their conversion story. Living in this very international mission is just such a great blessing. It is very touching and spiritual to see people from all parts of the world find the gospel here in DC South. And we are blessed to hear them share their testimonies at our firesides.
Elder Paswaters with the Bonars. John Bonar was baptized July 1 and baptized his wife on the 26th. They met while serving in Afganistan and serving our country. He has served 3 tours in Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan for the Marines and Mary is in the navy and serves as an orthopedic surgeon. They expressed such beautiful testimonies. Told how they came to the church on their own. They were attracted by the family values and the disciplined youth. Said our youth are 2nd to none and have such great moral fiber. He said they knew it was the church for them within 1 week of attending for the first time. She said the members were filled with the spirit and their faces shone. She was attracted by the fact that our clergy is unpaid. How wonderful that this family has found the church. They will be strong great members.
I was asked to make some remarks. I talked about the incredible gift of the Holy Ghost that they receive when they are baptized.

Sister Erickson and Anita Gill. Anita was one of our speakers. She was baptized on July 8, 2011. She walked into a stake Conference and found the missionaries. She said her whole life and mind had been changed because of the church. She is now "relaxed". I think she feels peace in her life. She said she felt like she had her family now and that God is with her. Her goal is to help her sister find the gospel.

This is John from Ghana. After living in Texas for a while he moved to Virginia where he was introduced to the church by a friend. He was baptized just a week earlier on July 25. He said he felt alot of love at the church and everyone shows love to everyone else. He said it is a very great thing to be a member of the church now.
Elders Franzwa and Campbell with Lisa Johnson. Lisa sand a beautiful song for us. She was baptized just 4 months ago. Her parents came with her to the fireside. She leaves for college in the fall.

I'm sorry this is blurry. But i had to include the picture of the Cumberlands. They are a wonderful couple. She was baptized about 4 years ago and continues to learn. She faithfully attends our departing firesides and loves our missionaries.
President Erickson and Sis Heller

Sisters Kelley, Olsen and Vaitai and a friend from Rowand.

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