Tuesday, August 2, 2011


MCLEAN AND OAKTON HAD A LITTLE COMPETITION WITH EACH OTHER. They called me at the first of the transfer and asked if the winner could come for a pday activity. I told them they could both come because I couldn't be part of a competition. They just didn't tell their zones that both were coming until the end. And boy did they both work hard. They set all kinds of records for key indicators. And so they both came on Monday and we had a wonderful time.
OAKTON ZONE:Elders Davie, Mower, Crockett, West, Earl,Williams, Coleman, Reeves, Sherwani, Schwindeman, Kelley, Harper, Ta uof ou, Doman, Bigler, and Edgington
MCLEAN ZONE: Elders Tamir, Hussey, Davie, Barrett, Cheug, Liew, Hubbard, Bodily, Davis, Parker, Doman, and Tillman and Sisters Vaitai, Ward, Ganbaatar, and Olsen.
Elders Hubbard, Mower, Tilleman
Elder Ta ouf ou ready to serve
Elders Sherwani and Lafeen

Elders Williams, Earl, Harper

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