Monday, August 22, 2011


On Friday, August 19,2011, we held the last day of Zone conferences for this transfer. It was with the Oakton and McLean zones. MCLEAN ZONE: Elders Parker and Brazell, Sisters Ganbaatar, Vaitai, Kirakosyan, Ward, Olsen, and Pres and Sis Albright, Back Row: Elders Cheung, Bay, Ditty, Tilleman, Liew, Hanna, Davis, and Stoker
OAKTON ZONE: Elders Harper, Edgington, Hussey, Sherwani, Sis and Pres Albright, Elders Rios, Bigler, Mngoma, Crockett, Back Row: Elders West, Stuart, MacFarlane, Gray, Dastrup and Stoker.
We were singing " Called to serve" for the members who made us lunch and it was so cut to see Elder Mngoma as he got really "INTO" this song. I should of videod him. He looked great.
Our sweet lunch sisters
Elders West and Rios

Elders Doman and Tilleman
Elders Sherwani and Ditty
Sisters Vaitai and Ward
Elders Harb, Kirakosyan, and Bigler
Elders Gray, Donaldson and Hanna
Elders Mngoma and West
Elders Ditty and Cheung

Lunch table
Elder and Sister Doyle and Elder Bryson at lunch

Car Awards -Elders Biglers and Dastrup
Elder Edgington- Iron Man

Elder Tilleman and Ditty- car award
Sisters Kirakosyan, Olsen and Vaitai
Sisters Ward and Ganbaatar
Skills Practice

Elders Gray and West training.

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