Monday, August 22, 2011


We held a Departing Missionary Openhouse at the mission home this month instead of a fireside at the church. Elder Tovar is leaving in Oct. and Elder Barraza in September.
And the Spanish members LOVE their missionaries. Many of them came to tell these elders goodbye and show their love and thanks. The Elders each spoke and shared their testimonies and their great love for Virginia and mostly for the people that they have become so close to. They were very emotional and both of them shed some tears. Good thing we only had 2 elders. We wouldn't have had room in the house. Lots of love and spirit in this room.
Elders Tovar and Barraza.
Elders Staples, Tovar, Barraza, Wright,Ursenbach and President.

Bro Roberson

Elder Barraza and the Cumberlands

Elders with Bishop and Sister Butcher

Elder Tovar giving his testimony and farewell
Sister Dana sharing a testimony

Elder Barraza sharing his thoughts

Elder Staples conducting

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