Sunday, August 14, 2011


It's an exciting week. Transfer week is here. We have had 10 new exceptional missionaries arrive. They landed on August 3 at around 4:30 in the afternoon. They get picked up at the airport by the President and Assistants. After getting luggage and hitting "rush-hour traffic" at 5:00 they get to the mission home at around 6:00-6:30. We have a nice big dinner-ribs and all the extras. President Albright's counselors and their wives along with office couples and recorders also attend so that the new missionaries can meet these special people who will be very involved for the next 2 years.
After dinner, we get back into the van and President takes them to the Temple grounds and Visitor Center. It is such a spectacular temple. It stands like a castle on a hill and is just breathtaking. Then they headed into DC to see some sites. They saw the capitol and the Lincoln Memorial. It is really fun for the new missionaries to see some of the special places that are here and feel the excitement of the area.
They then come back to the mission home at around 10:30. We have dessert, visit for a short time and put them to bed. It's been a long day. Tomorrow the real work begins.
The next morning we are up early, have a big breakfast and then start training. The assistants and I do a few hours of orientation while President Albright interviews each missionary separately. We practice door approaches with them which can feel very intimidating, but they always do superb. Then it's off to GMU (George Mason University) for some street contacting). These group came back with about 12 contacts-SUPER. We feed them lunch. Pack the cars and head to transfer meeting where they will meet their companions and head off to work.

The new Group: Pres and Sister Albright, Sisters Raynor, Taylor, and Patton, & Elder Johnsen
Back row: Elders Phillips, Garcia-Felix, Rios, MacFarlane, Young and West
Sister Kimberly Raynor. Surfer from California and BYU Hawaii
Elder Orjan Johnsen from Stathelle, Norway. Loves sports and exercise.
ElderIsaac MacFarlane musician from West Valley Utah.
Elder Richard Rios sports lover from New Mexico
Elder Reed Phillips runner and musician from Oregon and BYU where he was great friends with our nephew Scott.
Elder Cameron Young downhill ski racer from Idaho and Utah.
Elder Skyler West boarder and musician from Utah
Elder Samuel Garcia-Felix a track and fielder who is also a musician from Reno, Nevada.
Sister Jacqueline Patten school teacher and outdoor enthusiast from Texas.

Sister Sara Taylor a dancer from Provo, and BYU Idaho.
Practicing door approaches at the mission home
Sister Raynor and Patten
Elders Young and Phillips
Elders Phillips and MacFarlane
Elders Rios and West with Assistant Davie

Orientation meeting

Breakfast at the mission home

Sister Burton who is Elder MacFarlane's aunt

Elders MacFarlane and Rios
President Burton and Sisters Patten, Taylor and Raynor and Burton
Dinner at the mission home
Sister Patten
Elders West and Phillips with Pres.
Sisters Raynor and Taylor
Elder Johnsen

Sister Patten
Sister Raynor
Sister Taylor
Elder Young
Elder Rios
Elder Garcia-Felix
Elder MacFarlane

Elder Phillips
Elder Johnsen

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