Monday, August 22, 2011


Zone Conference for Woodbridge, Fredericksburg, Potomac Zones was held on Thursday, August 18, 2011.FREDERICKSBURG ZONE: Elders Coleman, White, Meitler, Walker, Johnsen, Barrett, Carter, Slade, Sisters Holt, Newman, Sis and Pres Albright BackRow: Elders Westover, Anderson, Dickson, Hougaard, Whipple, Tacaki, Morrill, Hiatt, Schmidt, Aker, Campbell, Ravia
WOODBRIDGE ZONE: Elder and Sis Heller, Elders Odenwalder, Horton, Yancey, McAbee, Sis and Pres Albright, and Elder Johnson, Back Row: Elder Bowers, Bramwell, Gubeli, Calvert, Paswaters, Cook, Jensen, Keeffer, Nelson
SOUTH POTOMAC POTOMAC ZONE: Sister Albright, Elders Stewart, Bazzle, Hansen, Sisters Moya, Taylor, Hardt, Sorenson, Pres. Albright, Back Row: Greer, Bezzant, Gubler, Terry, and Hancock.
Zone Leaders: Keeffer and Yancey-Woodbridge, Greer and Hansen-Potomac, Carter and Morrill-Fredericksburg

Elder Tacaki is such an amazing pianist
Birthdays: Elders McAbee, Heller, Hansen, Carter, Barraza, Tacaki, and Sis Hardt
Relief Society Sisters who cooked lunch

Elders Horton, Coleman, Morrill, Bazzle, Carter, Calvert and Hiatt
Elders Doman, Davie, McAbee, Terry, Greer, Hancock, and Hansen
Elders Nelson, Aker, Gubeli, Tacaki, Donaldson,-----, Walker, and Ravia
Elders Johnson, Harb, Johnsen, Anderson, Barrett, Jacobson, and Slade
Elders Paswaters, Stewart, Bezzant, Westover, Whipple, Meitler, and Bramwell
Elders Keeffer, Yancey, Jensen, and Elder and Sister Heler
Elders White, Cook, Bowers, Odenwalder, Campbell, Schmidt, and Dickson
President, Elder Bryson, Gubler and Doyle
Sisters Hardt, Sorenson, (a guest sis. Smith), Newman, Heller, Holt, Taylor, Moya
This ward always decorates so cute for our zone conferences. They even put little cards with sayings, like this one that reads, " Called to know the richness of his blessings..."

Car awards- Elder Doyle with Elders Keeffer and Yancey
Elder Nelson with the Iron Man Award

Elders Hiatt and Hougaard with car Award
Elders Greer and Hansen with car award
Elders Paswaters and Calvert with an award

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