Tuesday, August 2, 2011


The Mt Vernon Zone completely drenched from playing in the rain for 2 hours.
Elders Bates, Doman, McAbee, Sisters Yoon, Kohler, Kelley, Kirakosyan,Garbrick, Rozsa, and Elders Johnson, Yazzie, Rothman, Mckwenkwe, Rothman, Kotyk, Allen, and
Monday, July 25, 2011 the Mt Vernon Zone had reached some goals and their zone leaders asked to come to the mission home as a reward on P-day for a barbecue and games. Well, I always say Yes and they had the best time. It was like the HOTTEST DAY in history. Like walking into a sauna. So we had a great lunch of Mexican Tortilla Salad. They kept going outside to play volleyball, basketball, etc but it was so hot they would come back in pretty quickly.
Well, all of a sudden it started to rain REALLY HARD. A MAJOR DOWNPOUR. Lots of clouds, and lightning and thunder. And then they all went outside and played in the rain for about 2 hours. They had the most delightful time. It was really fun to watch them and see them slipping and sliding in the rain and mud and laughing and cooling off. THE BEST BARBECUE EVER.
Elder Hill

Elder Doman drying off. (he didn't have his p-day clothes)

Elder Allen dripping

Basketball in the rain.

Elder Johnson

Sisters Garbrick and Rozsa
Elder Rothman

Playing "Mormon Mouthful" in the living room

Lunch for Elders McAbee, Doman, Mckwenkwe, Pres., Davie, White, Kotyk, Hill, Pomeroy, Harb, Allen and Stoker
Sisters Kohler, Yoon, Garbrick and Rozsa, and Elders Harper, Yazzie, Bates, Rothman, Johnson and Hill
This was just so funny. It was so hot outside. This elder came inside and stuck his head right on top of the bag of ice. THERE WAS JUST SWEAT POURING DOWN EVERYONES FACES. THEY WERE SO HAPPY WHEN IT STARTED RAINING.

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