Tuesday, August 2, 2011


It was really fun to have some of our missionaries return for visits this week.
First Elders Matthew Giraud-Carrier (or GC) and Elder Fukui came to visit for a week. They stayed with us the first night of their trip. They are two really great young men. We had so much fun visiting with them. They are both doing great. Elder Fukui is going to school in Logan, and lives close by in Tremonton. Elder GC is at BYU, has just graduated in engineering in just 2 years. 1 before his mission 1 after. He is one smart young man. He begins the Doctorate program in the fall. They both have fun personalities and had us laughing and remembering lots of great mission stories. So glad we got to see them. The next day, Eric Sackett and his parents arrived. They had been here for a week, sight-seeing. We were so excited to see him. He is a whirlwind of personality and we were thrilled to meet his parents.
They were wonderful and just like I knew they would be. Elder Sackett had always told us what great parents he had. We had lunch together and then they came back and stayed the night and the next day until lunchtime. Elder Sackett is teaching at the MTC in Provo and he is on the performing group Young Ambassadors at BYU. He's a gifted young man with a beautiful voice and song writing ability. We just love having our missionaries return for visits.
Pres and I with Eric Sackett and his Mother and Father.
Elders Fukui, Giraud-Carrier and Sackett

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