Sunday, October 3, 2010


We were blessed with 2 new sisters. One is Sister Flores, who is with us as a mini-missionary.
She and Sister Bolorsaikhan are companions. She came to the house for her patriarchl blessing. She is planning on going on a mission next year. We also had a new sister arrive from temple Square in Salt Lake City. Her name is Sister Hornbeck. She arrived on the 15th. We have these three sisters in a threesome. They are doing wonderful.
Sister Bolorsaikhan with her two new greenies. Sister Flores and Hornbeck
Sister Hornbeck from Salt Lake City Temple Square. She is a missionary there and will be with us for two transfers. All Temple Square Sisters go to a proselyting mission for 3 months sometime during there mission. They don't take much training, because they have been serving in SLC already
Pres. and I with teeny little Sister Flores.
Pres. Albright and Sis Flores with the patriarch

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