Saturday, October 2, 2010


We had a wonderfully nice Senior Dinner at Elder and Sisters Bryson's home. Everyone brought dishes from around the world. And the food was superb. But the company was the best part. We love these Senior missionaries. They are the most diligent, hard-working, loving, happy group of people. Ashlee really enjoyed meeting all these lovely couples. The Brysons live in Woodbridge, and are serving a full-time mission in the office. Their home is just beautiful, just like them.Elder Holmgren is so much fun.
Sisters Maldonado, Bryson, and Holmgren
Pres and Sis. Ward, and Sister and Elder Davis.
Dakota Jensen liked the patio
Ashlee and Baby Beckett on the patio. It was so lovely. Their home backs the forest and is so pretty and lush and green. It continues to amaze me just how gorgeous it is here.
In the dining room: Elder and Sister Holmgren, Sister Bryson, Sister and Elder Clawson, Sis Davis, Sis and Elder Maldonado
At the bar table: Pres and Sis Ward and Pres Burton and Elder Davis
On the Patio: Pres. Albright, Pres and Sis Burton, Ashlee and Dakota and my empty chair
Ashlee and Beckett over looking the forest.
Lots of kitchen help
Elder Davis and Maldonado on the couch
Sister Holmgren held baby Beckett most of the evening. And he loved her
Hanging out in the kitchen. Elder Holmgren, Bryson, Pres Albright and Ward, Sister Davis and Ward and ?

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