Saturday, October 2, 2010


This is a wonderful and uplifting day. Zone Leader Council is to be held each once a month. This includes all the zone leaders, the Exchange Sister leaders, and the Assistants, (we included a new companionship- the mission trainers). And so we have 18 zone leaders from 9 zones, 2 sisters, 2 trainers, and 2 assistants. There are 26 of us. The elders get together at 6:00 and play b-ball for an hour. They then all descend upon the mission home-shower and dress for meetings and then we have breakfast(so while they are up playing ball, I am up cooking).

We then begin the council. Watching these young adults as they direct one another is inspiring. We currently have a lot a new Zone Leaders. We have had many of them finish their missions and return home lately and so we have young leadership and they are learning fast.

They council together for about 3 hours and then break for lunch. We had a barbecue. And then we follow with another 2-3 hours of meetings. Lots of work, but lots of fun. My daughter Ashlee loved this meeting. I stayed upstairs with the babies and had her attend the council downstairs. She just kept saying how amazing these young people were. I wish all the parents could just have a sneak peak. Words can't explain. You would be so proud. Mormon Missionaries want you.
The Council. From right front: Elders Garlick,Doman, Rex, Davie, Lee, LaRochelle, McFarlane, Wallace(kneeling), Jones, Simmons, Sisters Funch, Gwynn, Elders Bell, Caresia, Keefer, Williams, Tovar, Sackett(kneeling), and Pres. Albright One swing set: Elders McGill, Hall, Bell, Holmstead, Brunstad, and Page.
Elders Garlick and Tovar
Elder Karren and I think Doman.
Elders Lee, Garlick and Hall
Elders Rex, Simmons, Holmstead, and Page
Elder Doman, Brunstad, Davie, Jones, Wallace, LaRochelle, and Sackett
Elders Rex, Simmons, Holmstead, Page, Garlick, Bell, ?, Tovar, and Williams
Elder Lee (Assistant) leading the group with Pres. Albright sitting watch
Sisters Funch and Gwynn on the couch
Lunchtime barbecue and Gramma Karyn with baby Beckett
Pres. Albright, Elders Jones, Rex, LaRochelle, Davie, Garlick, Keefer(traniner), Holmstead, McFarlane (trainer), and Lee
Elder Williams

Elder McGill, Sisters Funch, Gwynn, Caresia, Doman, Wallace, Tovar, and Simmons-around table. On bench: Elders Bell, Page, Sackett, and Karren

Elders Wallace, LaRochelle, lead the way
Beckett made the rounds. Elder Jones said he wasn't sure he had ever held a tiny one. So I put him in his arms. I think is scared him (elder Jones I mean)
Elder Brunstad and Beckett
Elder Sackett and Beckett
Sisters Gwynn and Funch are naturals
Elders LaRochell, Davie, Caresia
Davie, Caresia, Bell, Garlick, Tovar, and Sackett at the piano.
Long day, tired minds, stretching out before heading out.

The briefcase passes from Elder Williams to Elder Tovar.
Elders McFarlane, Holmstead, Rex, Caresia, Page, and Hall
Elders Jones, Simmons, Wallace, and Karren with Pres.

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