Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We had a wonderful visit from President Albright's parents, Vern and Barbara Albright, from Las Vegas, Nevada. They came on the 4th of Oct and stayed with us until the 9th. It was a great 6 days and I loved every minute. They are some of our heros. They have been great examples to us. They have served the Lord and dedicated their lives to the Gospel. They served as the mission president and companion in the Tampa/Orlando mission from 1988-1991. We had the opportunity to visit them at that time. Vern now serves as the Stake Patriarch in Las Vegas.President Albright, Barbara and Vern Albright, Sis Albright in the mission home.
The Pentagon memorial
The Lincoln memorial
A view of the National Mall and Washington Monument from the Licoln.
Lincoln Monument. This monument is so much larger than a person ever expects. It is beautiful, majestic and has a special spirit.
The Korean Memorial. This is one of my favorites. There are 19 statutes of soldiers as thought frozen in time as they sneak through the jungles in Korea. The looks on their faces are so compelling. They appear anxious and afraid and so young. It is really amazing.
Vern and Barbara came to the office staff meeting with us. Sisters Barrero and Sis Larsen sang a Spanish hymn for us. It was beautiful. Thanks Sisters
Dulles Air and Space museum continues to impress me every time I go there. Vern was a pilot in the airforce and we knew he would love it.
The Challenger
President Mark Albright with his father, President Vern Albright.
At Glen and Carolyn Davis' home. We went there for dinner one evening. This was a very special occasion. Many years ago, Bro Glen Davis was in Las Vegas on business and needed an attorney. He went to Vern's office. A couple of weeks later, Glen asked Vern "What do you have that I don't have. You have something different that I want" Vern told him about the Book of Mormon and gave him one to read. Glen returned to the east. He read the book and joined the church. Now 40 years later. Glen is Pres. Albright's executive Secretary in the mission. He still has that Book of Mormon.
Viviting IwoJima. This is always so much larger than expected also. it stands 83 feet at the top of the flag pole. The figures are 30 feet.
This is some of the equipment at George Washingtons Grist Mill at Mt Vernon. He was quite the businessman.
The Distillary at Mt Vernon
The back of Mt Vernon that overlooks the Potomac River. Vern and Barbara with me

President Albright with his parentsMt Vernon in the back ground.
George Washingtons tomb.

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