Sunday, October 3, 2010


This has been a really enjoyable three weeks as we have interviewed every missionary. Beginning on the 14th we interviewed missionaries for 8 days. I only took pictures of Zone members on three days. Sorry, I wasn't concentrating on taking pictures. But we had a great time every day. We leave the house by 8:00 and drive to a building in the assigned Zone. We start with the Zone Leaders and spend about an hour discussing zone needs and specific missionaries. Then as the companionships arrive at their assigned time, one goes in with Mark for a "Serious" interview. I get to remain in the hall and visit with each of them about their lives, families, and fun. I get the easy and really enjoyable job. I bring fruit and treats. This is a favorite activity of mine because I feel like I really get to know them better individually. It is so fun to hear all about each of them. We finish about 4:00 and get home around 5 or 6:00.

Annandale Zone: Sept 14 Elders Karren and Tovar
Ashburn Zone : Sept 17 Elders Jones and Davie
McLean Zone: Sept 21 Elders Sackett and McGill
Oakton Zone: Sept 23 Elders Caresia and Hall
Woodbridge Zone: Sept 24 Elders Brunstad and Doman
FredericksburgZone: Sept 27 Elders Holmstead and Page
Mt. Vernon Zone: Sept 28 Elders Bell and Garlick
Centerville Zone: Oct 1 Elders Wallace and LaRochelle
Elders Thompson and Parker
Elders Garcia and Hall
Elders McGill and Sackett

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