Sunday, October 3, 2010


Wed, Sept 22. we had a barbecue for the Woodbridge Zone. The Zone Leaders are Elders Brunstad and Doman who asked to have a barbecue as a reward for reaching some goals. We love to have them over and of course said yes. They had a great time.

The Zone: Front row: Elders Roothoff, Strong, Bluemel, Slade, Ockler and Doman. Back Row: Scoble, Mower, Walls, Forsberg, Pres, Brunstad, Bullock, Whipple and Grundvig.
The chef Pres Albright
Elders Doman and Bullock

Elders Mower, Strong, and Ockler
Relaxing in the living room
Pres., Brunstad and Bluemel

Slade plays pingpong
Doman is champ. He has ping pong at home
Volley ball fun
Elder Slade, always happy
Elders Roothoff and Walls
Elder Bullock
Elder Scoble and Grundvig ( who was hit by a car on his bike this week. thank heavens he only broke his collar bone.)
Elders Strong and Ockler

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