Sunday, October 3, 2010


On the 25th of Sept Davie, Angie and Jaidyn Gretz were baptized. It was incredible. Biggest baptism I've ever seen. Everyone loves this family. They have 3 younger children also.They are golden. So many elders wanted to come and many of them participated. It was beautiful.
The program included: Opening Prayer: Elder Bowers, Remarks: Elder Caresia, Talk: Pres. Albright, Baptisms: Dave-Elder Bodily, Angie-Elder Caresia, Jaidyn-Elder Garlick.
A presentation by Elder Reeves (this was a talk on the restoration and plan of salvation aimed at the non-members and he did a powerful job), Music number-Elder Sackett, Talk-Jared Orozco, Confirmations: Dave-Elder Franzwa, Angie-Elder Garlick, Jaidyn-Elder Caresia

The Gretz Family with their "boys" as they call the elders.
This family is a truly wonderful family. They practice Christianity and serve their neighbors and friends. Angie had many of her neighbors feeding the missionaries because she would just tell everyone about them. She has a gift of friendship and compassion and everyone loves her.
Dave and Angie with Elders Caresia and Franzwa
The crowd celebrating afterwards
Elders Johnson, Knowles, Garlick, Gillihan, Horton, and Gubeli

Jaidyn Gretz put together a video of all their visits and experiences with the elders. They have spent many wonderful hours in the Gretz home visiting, teaching, eating, and laughing.

Elder Sackett sang "His Hands" at Angies request
The Gretz family looks on during the service which was held in the chapel to accomadate all the people who love them and wanted to attend.

In the baptism room
Pres Albright speaks on Baptism
Elder Caresia speaks
Because they were expecting non-member friends, they put up a sign in the foyer saying,"Learn What the Gretz know".

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