Sunday, October 3, 2010


We have a wonderful, musically gifted Elder Sackett. He has a beautiful voice. The only freshman to be a member of "Vocal Point", a nine-part harmony group at BYU. He is an incredible piano player. He wrote a fireside about the gospel. All original songs. Tonight was the run-through. We invited a few missionaires to come with guests to see how it was received.
Elder Sackett and Sister Murray did the singing, and Sister Ferry played the Cello. These two girls are also accomplished. Sis Murray performed at Disneyland for a year and Sis Ferry has a college degree in Cello performance. Elder Karren was the narrator. They had a slide show to go with the music and words.

It went very well and they have been approved to do the fireside at the Temple Visitor Center on Nov. 7. They are also lining up other firesides for missionaries and members to bring non-member friends too.

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