Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We had our Departing Fireside on Sunday, October 10, 2010. Wonderful spirit. Elders Knechtel, Wasden, Barnes, Cameron Bullock, Averett and Rusk bore beautiful testimonies
Lots of people came to wish them farewell and show how much they loved them. One great surprise was Elder Newton showed up for a visit. He departed at the first part of the year. It was fun to see him and his parents.

Elder Rusk
Elder Wasden (which is my maiden name) His mother did the research and found we are related. Which is a great thing, because Elder Wasden is one of the most spiritual young men I have ever met.

Getting up for their final exit during the closing song. Very emotional.

Elder Robbins accompanied. He is a great musician
Elder Newton and Elder Williams

Elders Ditty and Knechtel
Elder Bullock

Elders Coleman, Averett, Knechtel and Bullock

Elder West

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