Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We had a really special treat. Jim and Michelene Barton came to visit for a whole week. It was just wonderful and I loved every single minute. They brought their 5 youngest children: Stirling, Rebekkah, Gabby, Ellee, and Matt. They toured and visited just about everything in DC and we went with them a couple of days. We saw the Library of Congress, which is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. We went to Mt Vernon and spent a morning. We went to the Reston Zoo and the Dulles Space Museum. We went to dinner a few times and spent evenings enjoying their company, laughing and visiting. Stirling spent one evening out with the Assistants at missionary lessons. They said he was great- he'll be a great missionary. They are a wonderful family and I am so thankful that they are family. Washington Monument: Ellee, Jim, Matt, Michelent, Sterling, Gabby, and Bekkah.

Library of Congress.
The Gutenburg Bible: very moving. Written in 1405

Matt was fascinated. He loves history and kept a little notebook to write all about the things he saw. He wanted to see the Jefferson collection here at the library.
Gabby and Sterling
Jim and Mich with President
On the balcony at the Library
Mt Vernon
Ellee and Bekkah
Gabby and Stirling waiting to tour the mansion
On the back patio of Mt Vernon.
Over looking the Potomac- Gabby and Bekkah
All of us together
Bekkah, Gabby and Ellee
Jim and Michelene
THE RESTON ZOO; Lots of baby animals to feed
Stirling and Matt with the oxen

Gabby and Ellee

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