Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We had a wonderful Zone Leader Council. 20 incredible zone leaders, 2 amazing office elders, and 2 remarkable Assistants. This meeting will continue to astound me.

Watching these young men as they lead, discuss, and council together is just a beautiful thing for a Relief Society Sister to be able to witness.

It is having the opportunity to watch a Priesthood council
and learn how really inspired and wonderful our Priesthood brethren are.

What a blessing this has been in my life- one of those special rewards for serving a mission. All you mothers can be really proud.

The Council is usually held at the mission home, but was held at the Centreville chapel this time and so afterwards we went to Cici'-a favorite pizza buffet.

25 GREAT MEN!!!! Elders LaRochelle, Merrill, Barraza, Brogan, Tovar, Parker, Stuart, Allen, Reeves, Barrett, Rex, Keefer, President, Scott, Gillihan, Church, Kotyk, Doman, Hoffer, Pomeroy, Gray, Schmidt, Davie, Jacobson, and Karren.

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