Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Hey President!

Here is a great miracle of a lady named Olga who we just baptized. It all started about three weeks ago. We had a evening carefully planned. Luckily, however, the Lord had other plans in mind because shortly thereafter, one by one, each appointment but one called and cancelled! Well, with no other ideas in mind we drove over to the same area as our 8 o'clock appointment and began to knock some doors. After about a half hour of knocking with little success a little boy answered the door. Before we could ask him to go get his parents we heard a voice that said "Come in." Shockingly we entered the house not knowing who was inviting us. As we turned into the living room we saw a lady who introduced herself to us as Olga and asked us to sit down. We began to tell her why we had knocked on her door. Then we asked her the question of why she allowed us to enter without even knowing who we were. Her response was "Because I have been praying and knew you were messengers from God." We were completely stunned. She explained that for ever she had been looking for the church of God and was very discouraged because each time she started going to a new church she would realize that it wasn't the right one and there was something missing. Time after time it never felt right for her. She said as she began to give up hope she made the decision to pray and ask God for direction in which church was right.

She told us that she asked God to show her the truth and show her the path that He wanted her to follow. That night she had a dream. She explained that three messengers came to her door in her dream. Two young men who were teaching and inviting her to follow Christ and live the Gospel and a third man who didn't say anything, he was just there accompanying the two men. (That may have been our member exchange.) Just 5 days later she told us she heard a knock at her door and she knew for a fact that we were the people she saw in her dream. Olga was baptized 3 weeks later. She has now read most of the Book of Mormon. Each time we would teach her a new principle it was so easy for her to accept it--prophets, temples, even the Word of Wisdom! As soon as she heard about the Word of Wisdom she threw out all her tea and coffee!

At her baptism she stood up after and bore her testimony and invited all of her friends that came to watch to take the same step she took that night. She is so hungry to spread the Gospel and help as many people as possible. She has already given us 9 referrals, including her cousin and her niece who are progressing very quickly and are already on date. Also she is trying to set up appointments for us with as many of her friends as possible. She told us she wants everyone to be able to find what she has found. I guess you could compare it to the parable of the “Pearl of Great Price” in the Bible. She is giving up everything for her new found "Pearl". She was prepared by the Lord and many people will be able to turn unto Christ by the example she is giving. This has been a huge miracle in my life and it has taught me once again that God will answer if we ask in faith.

Thanks for everything!


Elder Rex and Elder Tovar

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