Tuesday, April 26, 2011


On Saturday, April 16, 2011 we were blessed to attend the BYU Management Society Dinner here in Washington DC. It was unbelievable. Elder Uchtdorf was the guest speaker and so of course the crowd was huge. We were in the middle of the Mission President Seminar, but we were asked to attend this by the brethren. Elder Marriott is so good to us. He put us at the table right in front of the stage. I felt so incredibly spoiled. We sat with Pres. and Sister Nixon, Pres. & Sister Price, Pres.Bush and his son, all stake presidents in our mission.

The event was held at the Wardman Marriott. One of the most beautiful hotels I've ever seen. (and remember I'm from Las Vegas-land of fancy hotels). The room was cavernous. And there were about 1000 people attending. We had a gourmet meal, lots of great speakers and music and then the real treat was hearing Elder Uchtdorf address us. He is such an inspiration. He tells wonderful stories and gives such great analogies to life. He started with a great joke about "lobbiests" which was pretty funny since the room was full of them. We really had an incredible evening.

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