Sunday, April 10, 2011


Elder Karren is one of our incredible Assistants. He is a missionary of great faith. This story illustrates the power of prayer when faith is exercised and a missionary really believes the Lord can answer those prayers.

Dear President Albright,

We had an awesome miracle last night that I wanted to share with you! Elder Doman and I have been teaching this wonderful couple for the last few months name Kathy and Rick. They love having us come over and teach them. They've been reading from the Book of Mormonand saying their prayers, but for some reason they just will NOT come to church! We have not been able to figure out why. So we've been praying our hearts out lately that Heaven would somehow provide a way for them to come to church. Last night we went over to their home for a lesson with some members. After we walked in Kathy said, "Elders, I have the BEST juice I want you to try! You have to guess what kind it is. You'll NEVER guess! In fact, I doubt you've even heard of it, so if you do guess it, I'll come to church with you!"

Now it was serious! I was worried though. Because of my bad cold I can't smell anything and I can hardly taste anything either! Kathypoured us two big glasses of juice and told us to take a sip. Elder Doman quickly called out, "Pomegranate Juice!" "Nope!" she said. "Elder Karren what's your guess?" I was so nervous. I would give just about ANYTHING for her to come to church, but President, with my cold, that could have been purple milk she'd given us to drink and I wouldn't have known the difference! So I went into the living room when she wasn't looking and offered up a quick prayer. "Heavenly Father, I have no idea what kind of juice this is, but I know you do! I know you want Kathy to come to church. Please let me know what to say!" As I prayed, a vivid picture came into my mind of my mother and I picking berries down by a lake close to our home in Canada when I was about 9 years old. I thought those must be the berries, but I just could NOT remember the name of the berries.

"One more minute, then time's up! What's your guess!?" asked Kathy. So I had to guess now. I opened my mouth and replied, "Ok, I'm going to throw out a guess, but don't make fun of me. Something came to my mind, but I'm not even sure if this is a real kind of juice, or even if this is a fruit, but I'm going to say: Black Currant Juice?"

Her face looked stunned. She slowly opened the fridge door and pulled out a plastic jug. On the label in big black letters were the words: "BLACK CURRANT JUICE."

"What time is church?" Kathy asked.

I know Heavenly Father loves each of His children and He wants so badly for them to come to church and receive His gospel. I know He answers our prayers.

Love Ya,

Elder Gregg Karren

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