Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The 6th of April we held a Leadership meeting. This meeting includes all Zone Leaders, District Leaders and Trainers. We met at the Woodbridge stake Center. This meeting is for instruction and leadership training. We have wonderful leaders who do a fantastic job of training. This group includes about 48 elders.
President Albright is a great speaker and gets them all excited and inspired about how to lead and how to inspire. The AP's trained on how to hold a good District meeting. Elder Parker played the bagpipes for a musical number and is was really beautiful. Elder Peterson spoke on Companionship studies. The AP's showed a video and had a discussion about companionship studies. Elder Franzwa talked about planning time. (I always have a part on the program too, but just kinda skip over it here). President Spoke again.

We have lots of fun, lots of laughs, lots of stories, lots of inspiration, lots of learning. And then we had lunch. Costco Pizza.

Assistants Karren and Doman lead a discussion
Elder Parker play bagpipes
Elders Stuart and Doman
Lunch time
Elder Barrett and President

Elders Church and Bolos

Elders Cheung and West
Elders Butcher, Gray, and Tilleman
Elders Rothman, Kelley and Brazell
Elders Loar, Kirkham, Jensen, and Bothwell
Elders Jacobson, Jones, and Reeves
Elders Stuart, Davie, and Parker
Elders Hadfield, and Scott
Elders Gillihan, Franzwa, Hoffer, Peterson, and Kotyk (at table)
Elders Brogan, Stewart, Greer, and Staples
Elders LaRochelle and Rex
Elders Pomeroy and Tovar
Elders Hansen and Barraza

Elders Rothman, Doman, and Brazell
Elders Kelley, Bothwell, and President
Elders Rex, Reeves, and Kirkham

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