Sunday, January 2, 2011


On Dec 14, 5 of our departing group came to the house for final interviews. They also hang their ties on the banister, put a story in my "favorite conversion story book", mark their favorite scripture in my large scriptures and have yummy foods. Elders Williams and Strong and Sisters Bennett, Murray and Funch came today. Our assistants were there to video them with advice for the incoming missionaries. (another fun tradition) Some of them forgot their ties and will bring them later. Sister Funch
Sister Murray
Elder Williams
Elder Holmstead
Elders Williams and Karren

Elder Williams always smiling
E. Williams puts up his tie

Sister Murray puts her story in the book
Two beauties: Murray and Funch
Theres Sister Bennett, seems she forgot her tie

Elder Reeves with Elder Strong
Video taping in the basement
Lights! Action! Camera!
Sister Murray ties hers on
Sister Funch hangs her tie.

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