Sunday, January 2, 2011


LAST NIGHT IN TOWN. Midnight and unable to sleep. Let's go bowling. This is a wonderful group. Not sure how we will exist without them. But they had a great time at the lanes.Elder Williams, Pres, Elders Karren, Grundvig, Bell, Strong, and Holmstead
Sisters Funch, Murray, Bennet, and Ferry-a spectacular foursome.
Elders Williams and Bell (each one was assistant for 7 months)
Elders Holmstead (current AP) Elders Strong and Grundvig- both dynamite missionaries.

sister Murray find her ball
What form
Sister Ferry
Sister Murray
Elder Williams--whoa caught the movement

Elder Grundvig swings
Sister funch--form perfect
Elder Strong takes a stance
Sister Bennett puckers to prepare
And she lets it roll.

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