Sunday, January 2, 2011


I can not believe this group is really going home. These are the sisters we arrived with from the MTC. All of them have become really powerful spiritual missionaries.
We had dinner and then had an incredible testimony meeting here at the mission home.
The spirit was so strong youcould just tangibly feel it. They bore such strong and vibrant testimonies of the gospel and this work. I love everyone of them.
Sisters Bennett, Funch, Ferry, Baxter, Murray and Elder Strong. Back Row: Elders Grundvig, Williams and Bell, and us.
Elder Williams left this cowboy hat for President
Elders Williams and Bell. ( Our two longest assistants) They are the best.
Elders Grundvig and Karren
Elders Strong and Holmstead
5 amazing sisters
Elders Williams,Bell, and Brandon (our son
Sisters Baxter and Ferry

Sister Ferry expressing her love
Sisters Murray and Funch
Elder Strong
Elder Grundvig
Sisters Murray, Funch and Bennett

Elders Schmidt and Holmstead

We played a funny game. It's like Mad Gab only it is Mormon sayings
Sister Bennett

Sis. Funch

Dinner time: Sis Baxter, Funch, Bennett, Murray, Ferry and Kelly (our Daughter in law
Elders Holmgren, Holmstead, Pres, Grundvig, Strong, Schmidt, and Bell, The Ericksons are standing

Sister Bennett remembered her tie. A beautiful pink one. I love it

Brandon and Kelly
Elder Holmstead and Pres
Sister Ferry
Sisters Murray and Vaitai
Sisters Bennett and Lee above and Funch and Aulava below

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