Sunday, January 2, 2011


Early on Dec 17, we took our 5 departing missionaries to the airport. This is the sky on our way home from the airport. We are loosing Elders Williams and Strong and Sisters Funch, Murray and Bennett. These are the missionaries Sisters that arrived with us at the MTC.
Outside the airport with luggage ready to go. Pretty hard goodbyes.
5 girls riding in the van. Sisters Ferry and Baxter came along too.
Sad to go.
Elder Williams and Holmstead say goodbye.
Sister Murray and Ferry
Sisters Baxter and Bennett
Sisters Ferry and Bennett
Sisters Baxter and Murray

Elders Williams and Strong
With President
Sister Bennett, Elders Karren and Strong
Pres. and I with Sisters Funch and Murray
President and I with Elder Williams. He's been with us 7 months as assistant. We will miss him.
With Sis Murray
Sister Bennett
Sister Funch
Elder STrong
Elders Karren and Williams- companions for a long time
Elders Williams, Strong, Karren and Holmstead
President and Elder Williams

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