Monday, January 17, 2011


It is hard to explain the wonderful spirit you feel at the Visitor's Center during the Christmas Holidays. Of course it has a wonderful spirit all year long and our missionaries take investigators there as often as possible. Some of the missionaries have said that if they can get an investigator to the Visitor Center, they are sure to get them baptized. They get to see the magnificent temple, see the presentations in the center and watch all these dynamic movies and other special media presentations and they feel the spirit so incredibly in that setting.

But at Christmas time, the temple grounds are transformed. 500,000 lights and a dozen decorated trees and more than 100 Nativity sets from all over the world. And of course, every single evening there are performances.
I took Elders Holmstead and Karren who were meeting an investigator there. This evening Jenney Oaks Baker was performing. She held the 1st chair in violin in the Washington DC Symphony at the age of 26. That is quite unheard of. Watching her play is mezmerizing. Her fingers move so fast and perfectly. And a special treat--her 3 little girls played with her.
4,6 and 8 years old. One on the piano, one on violin and the tiny one on cello..
We are so blessed to have this incredible center available to our missionaries.

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