Sunday, January 2, 2011


We had a Senior Missionary Dinner on Fri, Dec 3, 2010. This was our Farewell Dinner to Pres. Brent and Eddie Ward. They will be moving to Salt Lake City next week. It has been a joy to work with them. They are an incredibly gifted and talented couple who have contributed so much to the mission and in everything they do. They radiate with the spirit and are missionaries everywhere they go and to everyone they meet. We will really miss them, but wish them the very best the Salt Lake City. Thank you to Brent and Eddie- a portion of you remains in DC South.Pictured: Seated: Sisters Holmgren, Maldonado, Davis, and Albright
Standing: Elders Maldonado, Holmgren, President Albright, Pres and Sis. Erickson, Elder Bryson and Sister Bryson, Pres. and Sis Ward, Pres and Sis Burton, Elder Davis, Elder and Sister Butler, Elder and Sister Hansen. (missing Elder and Sis Clawson-had an appointment)
Sis and Pres Ward, Pres Erickson, Elders Holmgren, Bryson, and Hansen, Pres Albright, and Elder Maldonado
Sisters Bryson, Holmgren, Butlers, and Burtons, Sisters Erickson, Maldonado, Hansen, and the Davis'

Elder and Sister Davis brought dessert-- Homemade pies. They are incredible cooks.

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