Sunday, January 2, 2011


I know this doesn't look like a missionary activity.

Our office Elder Peterson is the grandson of Ross Peterson, who is Vice President of Logan Utah State University. It happens that Logan is playing George Town at the Verizon Center in downtown DC. He was so kind. He sent a letter inviting the whole office staff to attend the game.

We also received an invitation from Tim Stewart, one of the wonderful members of the McLean Stake Presidency. He sits on the board at Utah State. Through his local work, he had box seats. Pretty exciting.

So our Office staff, the Assistants and recorders along with a family of investigators, The Mullens all went to the game.

Even though Logan lost the game, we had lots of fun.
We met a lot of very nice, friendly young couples at the game. It was a nice break.
The Verizon Center: doesn't look big from the outside--but it's deceptive.

Pres. Albright and Bro Ross, VP of Utah State.
The arena is huge.

the box next to ours

The box

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