Monday, January 30, 2012


Almost each week we hold a staff meeting at the mission office. It's hard to explain the amount of work these wonderful missionaries put into this calling. It is like running a big company with 200 employees. 80+ Apartments, 60+ cars, utilities, supplies, missionary bank accounts, 200 monthly letters, volumes of mail each day that is readdressed and sent back out, referrals, and all the missionary records for wards, stakes, area authority, and Salt Lake City. All the baptism reports and paperwork. There is an incredible amount of work. But these missionaries love the work and do it with love and happy hearts. We couldn't possibly run a mission without them. President Albright running the office meeting.

Elder Bryson (finances, apartments, supplies), Elder Doyle (cars czar)
Assistants Elder Peterson and Kotyk ( their list of assignment for a 6 week cycle is single spaced and listed on four 8x10 sheets of paper and posted on the wall. ) They are amazing
Office Elders extrodanaire Harb and Bay. Do record keeping, and put together endless amounts of presentations for the missions, they keep up the rosters and phones and lists and it is always changing.
Sisters Doyle and Bryson. Professional Secretaries. Phones, Mail, Mail, Mail, letters, letters, and countless other assignments.
Sister Plummer is being trained.

Elders Bryson, Doyle and Plummer (being trained)

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