Tuesday, January 10, 2012


We had a wonderful Return and Report on Wed. the 16th of Nov. This is 4 weeks after a new group arrives, they return to the mission home for a day of reporting, instructions, eating and fun. This was a large group and it was a lot of fun to hear how their first month has gone. They share stories, miracles, and testimonies. NEW GROUP: Sisters 2 Visa Waiters (they have both left for Slovenia now), Mecham and Dangaasuren, 2nd Row: Elders Aland, Lewis, Cluff, Tanner Wilson, Gronning, Mendoza, Visa Waiter, Mooso, Earnshaw, Alex Anderson, Perez, Back Row: Elder Cowley, Timothy, Visa waiter, Newkirk, Rith, Rasmussen, Visa Waiter, Call, Pyne, and Arthur Wilson.

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