Wednesday, January 11, 2012


No wonder George Washington loved this place and said it was the best situated place anywhere. It sits on a bend in the Potomac River and the view from the back is just spectacular.
It is one of Pres and my favorite places in the mission. There is a really special spirit here.
Ashlee and Rico with Mt Vernon in the background
The back of Mt Vernon

The view from the back patio.

Rolling down the back hill.
Beckett loved running down the hill.
Even the walls around this plantation are just beautiful. They are original and just incredible.

This tree was planted by George Washington and has a plaque on it. Pretty big

The National Turkey, that the President has "Pardoned" is housed here.
Lucky bird.
Showing how to make chocolate
George Washington's Christmas Camel. He would bring a camel to house for guests to see at Christmas time. This was very rare at the time. and so they bring one now.

The movie theater where they have a movie about George Washington
Some of the beautiful trees at the Plantation.

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