Sunday, January 15, 2012


HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE!! New Year's Eve in the mission field is one of the 2 days (the other is Halloween) when the missionaries are not allowed to be out in the evening. And so each zone gathers together for an activity. They have dinner and watch an approved movie. Choices this year included: Toy Story 2, Kung Fu Panda 2, Metro Man.

Each year we invite the zone we live in, Annandale to hold their activity here.
We had a wonderful evening. Lots of fun and laughs. And of course they are headed back home early. It's exciting to have a new year begin.
Annandale Zone: Elders Lewis, Hubbard, Peterson, Walker, West, Nelson
2nd Row: Elders Rothman, Yates, Earnshaw, Norris, Chow, Littledyke, Chung, Sisters Vaitai, and Lee. 3rd Row: Elders Bazzle, Carter, Ursenbach, Jacobson, Crockett, Kotyk, and Cejudo.
At the mission home, we get the big screen. The projector screen we take to conferences.

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