Wednesday, January 11, 2012


A busy day. We started with the transfer meeting. With 24 missionaries leaving and 18 arriving it was big.
Then we took the departing missionaries to the mission home for dinner. This is followed by my Favorite meeting. Our private testimony meeting with them just before they leave. This is a beautiful meeting. Just no way to describe it.
And then, since they are all way too "anxious" to sleep, we head to the bowling alley. Get to bed after midnight sometime. Then the next morning we have to leave for the airport by 5:15 for the first flights at 7:30. A long, wonderful couple of days.
Transfer Meeting

The departing missionaries sang "I'll be Home for Christmas". Funny

Elders Stoker (above) and Coleman and Greer (below) forgot their ties earlier and so hung them this evening.
DINNER FOR THE MASSES- We had some missionaries families picking them up and so I think our number was about 48. Lots of food and fun.

Elder Cheung and Franzwa

Elders Franzwa, Kelley, Stoker, Zapata, and Ford
Elders Gray and Hancock with Elder Doyle, Greet, Sisters Doyle and Erickson
Elders Peterson, Kotyk, Ta ufo ou, Bolos standing, and Gray, Franzwa, Kelley seated
Elder Coleman
Elders Jacobson, Peterson, Kotyk, Ta ufo ou, Bolos, West, Coleman
Table #1 Elders Morrill, Greer, Bates, Hancock, Barrett, Gray, Franzwa, Kelley, and Stoker
Table #2; Elders Choi, Peterson, Keeffer, Jacobson, Rothman, Kotyk, Ta ufo ou, Bolos, Crockett, and West, and Zapata
Table #3 Elders Cheung, Sisters Balsley, Kohler, Trepanier, Elders Ford, Staples, and Coleman, Elder Bothwell's sister, parents and Elder Bothwell

Elder Kotyk conducted the Testimony meeting.


Former missionaries Pomeroy and Toby Peterson came with us.

Sister Kohler picks her ball

Elder Kotyk - better open those eyes

Elder Zapata
2 Petersons
Elders Kotyk and Pomeroy
3 beauties: Balsley, Kohler and Trepanier
Elders Keeffer, Bates and Rothman
Elders Kelley and Taufoou
Elders Barrett, Gray and Bolos
Elders Staples, Coleman, Bothwell
Elders Kotyk, Zapata and Choi
Elders Franzwa and Greer

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