Wednesday, January 11, 2012


We took our 24 departing missionaries to the temple. We arrive at the temple an hour early so we can meet with the one of the Temple presidency for a lecture. This is a special treat. I let my daughter Ashlee go with Pres. Albright and I took the grandkids to the park, McDonalds, & the church bookstore. And before I knew it 2 1/2 hours had passed and we met them outside for pictures and lunch at Fuddruckers.
This is a large group leaving. And they have been a strong and special group. We will be so sad to see them go.

Departing group: Kneeling: Elders Ta ufo ou and Jacobson. Standing: President Albright, Elders Ford, Staples, Gray, Bates, Franzwa, Rothman(new Assistant), Zapata, Barrett, Stoker, Sisters Kohler, Balsley, and Trepanier, Elders Morrill, Keeffer, Coleman, Greer, Choi, Bothwell, Kelley, Hancock and Sis Albright.

Elder Jacobson, our Assistant for 6 months

Elder Bolos
Elder Greer
Elder Hancock
Elder Coleman

Elder Stoker
Elder Bates
Elder Staples
Elder Kelley
Elder Morrill
Elder Franzwa
Elder Keeffer
Elder Ta ufo ou
Elder Zapata
Elder Rothman
Elder Bothwell
Elder Choi
Elder Ford
Elder Barrett
Elder Gray

Elder Cheung
Sister Balsley
Sister Trepanier

Sister Kohler
We went to lunch at Fuddruckers. This is a tradition.
Grandson Beckett
Elder Ta ufo ou with a full 1 pound hambuger.
Elder Bothwell
Elder Gray
Elder Bolos
A long table
Sisters Kohler, Balsley and Trepanier with Elders Kelley, Franzwa, Ford and Staples

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