Monday, January 23, 2012


Our newest group returned to the mission home for a day of reporting. This is always fun. After 4 weeks in the field, they return to the home for a day of fun. We feed them breakfast, have some meetings, have lunch, and some more reporting. They love getting together with their MTC group again. And it is wonderful to hear their stories about the first month and also to hear their testimonies and see the incredible growth in only 4 short weeks. In the back yard of the mission home. Front Row: Pres and Sis Albright, Elders Peterson, Ker, Fajardo, Scott, Creager, Worthington, Staley, Wloka, and Sis Ferrin. Back Row: Elders Kotyk, Yates, Husted, King, Flaherty, Frazier, Williams, Gregerson, Litchfield, Villarreal, Holfeltz
The sisters dropped off Sis Ferrin and we invited them to lunch: Sister Lee, Vaitai, and Patten with Elders Ker and Frazier

Meeting in the basement

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