Saturday, January 14, 2012


Wow, this was a wonderful, long couple of days. (The pictures are in backward order. They start with the evening and go to morning. oops) We started out at the Natural History Museum. The boys loved the animals, the dinosaurs, the elephant, the sharks, the rocks, the jewels, all the cool things in that incredible place. We also visited Ollie's Trolley for lunch. An old classy hamburger place that has lots of character. We saw the White House, the Capital, the Botanical Gardens (they had all these wonderful train displays and the boys were fascinated). Then off to the Memorials- Lincoln, Vietnam, Korea. We love Iwo Jima and the rainbow was magnificent, followed by a beautiful sunset. Another day we went to the Air and Space Museum. And lots of playing outside of the mission home. The Carilon bells at the Arlington Cemmetary. They are by the Iwo Jima memorial. The sunset was special because we rarely see sunsets here.

Iwo Jima
A beautiful rainbow over DC
What a smile- as pretty as the rainbow
The Blanchards in the Botanical Gardens- next to the Capital Building
The trains were spectacular.
Mark and his daughter at the gardens
DeLoy at the Capital
Michelle in front of the Supreme Court
Ollies Trolley restaurant-downtown DC
The Whitehouse- DeLoy, Berrett, Mark, Graham, Michelle
Air and Space Museum with it's 100's of planes.
With Elders Peterson and Kotyk
Michelle and Graham
DeLoy and Markie
Climbing in the simulators at the space museum

The Blanchards in front of the Black Bird. The one in the Transformers movie.
Michelle and Mom
The Washington Monument from inside the Lincoln Memorial
Grama and Papa with the boys at Lincoln

The Natural History Museum

"Let's get this necklace for Mom, ok Dad"

The display about evolution.
This shark could eat us all
T-rex and the Blanchards
"Night in the Musuem" with the Blanchards

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