Friday, January 27, 2012


Each of our departing groups takes a temple trip the week before they leave and we take a group picture. The temple was closed for 2 weeks this month and we were unable to take our trip. So we took a group picture at the mission home the evening before they were leaving. And I think we'll do this from now on. We will really miss these great elders and sisters.
We had a wonderful testimony meeting. It was very spiritual and beautiful. Their testimonies are strong and vibrant and have grown so much in these two years. It is an inspiring thing to hear them as they share their thought the evening before they are leaving. One of these missionaries was so touched by the spirit, he expressed so beautifully how he was feeling and it really was profound. Thank you for all of your words and thoughts. We love each of you.

Elder Bazzle
Sister Kirakosyan
Elder Gubeli
Elder Crockett
Elder Bowers
Sister Dangaasuren, ( a temple square sister who leaves on Feb 1)
Sister Kelley

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