Friday, January 27, 2012


Dear President, Hermana Ahokava and I were in the neighborhood of Bishop Matos, and for some reason just stopped by his home. Only Sister Matos was home. We were just chatting with her and on our way out she said, "I have a neighbor who I gifted a church video to and I want you sisters to go see the family. Their daughter Zuly is good friends with my daughter and has come to church with us for 3 years, but her mom recently said she wanted Zuly to go the Catholic church with her. Go check on them!" Well, we found Zuly and tried to set an appointment with her for 3 weeks straight, but we could never get into contact with both of them. Zuly already had a baptismal date by this time, so we needed to talk to her mom Norma to get approval and to see if she was interested. Finally, by the end of the transfer, we got in contact with Norma. At the end of the lesson, gave her permission and told us we could come back. Three more weeks passed by with us calling her, passing by for failed appointments and just trying to find her home. Finally, the Matos family invited Norma and the family to the Temple Visitors Center. All the way to the temple, they spoke with Norma, resolved her doubts and strengthened their friendship. After that trip, she was set. We were finally able to have a lesson with Norma. She just glowed as we spoke of the doctrine of Christ in 2 Nephi 31. By the end of the lesson, the Spirit urged us to set her with a baptismal date. She immediately accepted and never looked back. A week later after she was set with a date, Zuly was baptized. Exactly one month later, Norma was baptized. Two weeks later, her teenage son was baptized. It's a family of 10, so one by one, they are coming to know the Gospel of Jesus Christ, all because a member family patiently helped a neighborhood friend come to know the church and befriended the mom. I love both families so much!

Much Love,

Hermana Dana

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