Wednesday, January 11, 2012


My daughter, Michelle and her 3 sons, Mark, Graham and Berrett arrived on the 14th at 11:30 at night. Her husband, DeLoy arrived a week later.
We had a Zone leader Council today also. But I was busy preparing for tomorrows BIG Christmas Conference. We were at the church decorating until about 10:00 pm anyway.And then we left for the airport to get our family. With 3 little ones, she had 3 car seats and the airlines managed to lose all 3. So after an hour and a half, they tracted them down in Denver. They gave us loaners and brought them to the mission home the next night. Anyway we were to bed pretty late. And tomorrow it's bright and early for the Conference.
But I'm way excited to have the Blanchards here. Hooray. More family.

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