Saturday, January 14, 2012


Our last Leadership Meeting of 2011 was held on Dec 29, 2011. It was held at the Centreville Chapel.
We had a theme centered on SACRIFICING FOR YOUR MISSIONS.
I told them about John Wycliff and some of the reformers and their incredible sacrifice.
President Albright spoke about a lot of things. But he showed a portion of the movie, "17 mircales". This seemed to especially touch many of them. When they saw the devotion and sacrifice for this gospel, it made them want to be better, more devoted missionaries.
It was beautiful to hear many of them share lovely testimonies about their desire to serve with all their hearts, might, mind and strength.
Invited are Assistants, office elders, Zone leaders, District Leaders, Sister Coordinators.
Front Row: Elders West, Crockett and Kotyk
2nd Row: Elder Peterson, Sisters Vogelsberg, Dezzeo, Hayes, Rozsa, and Anderson, Elders Freeman and Hinze
3rd Row: Elders Wright, Harper, White, Johnson, Hanson, Dickson, Terry, Whipple, Johnson, and Jacobson and Rothman
4th Row: Elders Church, Cheung, Gubler, Horton, Campbell, Slade, Taylor, Mngoma
5th Row: Elders Walker, Carter Bazzle, Bezzant, Hubbard, Carnline, Jensen, Parker and Lafeen
6th Row: Elders Westover, Earl, Edgington, Yancey, Paswaters
Back: Pres., Elders Sherwani, Gubeli, Mower and Skousen, and Anderson

The Assistants Kotyk and Peterson gave a great presentation. Altitude is determined by your attitude. They showed a clip of the Blue Angels and Unity. Talked about being unified as a mission and having the right attitude.

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