Friday, January 27, 2012


We had a wonderful fun Senior Dinner at the Burton's home. Their home is located in the beautiful Arlington Area. Their home is over 100 years old and has so much character and personality. I love it. We have incredible senior couples and always have a wonderful time together. This time we had a really exciting extra event.

The Burtons nephew, Matthew Bowman, has been living with them while he completed his Doctorate in Religious Studies. He is quite renowned as he is one of the people working on the "Joseph Smith Papers".
About 4 months ago, he received a phone call from, Mr Mecham (president of Random House publishing). Random House had determined that since it is possible that might have a Mormon president in the US, they would like a book on the shelves about the Mormons. One written by an authority, but fair and balanced. He contacted Bro Bushman, a well-known church historian about writing the book. Bro Bushman declined, but gave him Matthew Bowman's name. Mr Mecham had read some of Matts work and called him.
He wrote this book in 10 weeks and it hit the shelves just last week. It is already selling like crazy.
Matthew had dinner with us at the Burton's home and then we had the honor of attending the book signing at a store in McLean, Va where he gave a speach and then signed books. It was excellent. He gave a masterful talk, mostly a reading from the book and answered questions.
There was a large crowd there and many non members who asked very good questions.
So if you get a chance, check out the new book. THE MORMON PEOPLE, by Matthew Bowman.

Pres Burton is a delight. He is explaining the evenings activities to us.

Author, Matthew Bowman
Elder and Sister Davis, Sister Heller, Elder and Sisters Erickson and Doyle.
Elder and Sister Plummer and the Burtons
Elders and Sisters Carrier (backs to us), Matthew Bowman, the Williams, Hepworths and Pres.
At The Last Page Bookstore
Mr Matthew Bowman
Sister Albright and Burton
Sister Burton and President Albright

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